For years I had clients hire me or come to my classes to help them lose weight, get flat abs, a tight butt, or recover from injuries; understandable and achievable goals. But after teaching yoga and Pilates for several years and working with thousands of bodies I couldn't deny a pattern I was seeing again and again. After beginning with clients I would quickly learn that usually something bigger was going on, something a tight butt wasn't going to fix. Or, that even when the physical weight reduced people still weren't vibrant or energized. This led to an important shift in my practice, when it was no longer just about being fit, but spiritually fit. 


I still work with bodies, and my goal is for you to feel your best in yours. At birth we are given a body to experience this lifetime. But sometimes we don't feel at home in our body, or at peace with ourselves. But we all can. I help guide this return using various techniques from multiple mind-body-spirit disciplines, and over a decade of experience. Spiritual Fitness prioritizes embodiment, developing an active rather than passive relationship with our physical body which helps us get in touch with our own gifts, intuitive wisdom, and unique energy so that we live life to the fullest, most beautiful expression. My passion lives in the belief that through embodiment, breathing and meditation practices we can experience our lives in a deeper, more connected, aware and meaningful way.



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