Menstrual Mapping


When is your follicular phase? How should you eat during you luteal phase to support your body? How should you exercise? Is XXXXX If you don't know the answer to these questions that's okay (!) because it'a really easy to learn about. It starts with information and observation of your body. If you suffer from PMS, heavy bleeds, headaches, mood swings, PCOS, fibroids, XXX. Have you ever done a workout one week and thought it was so-so hard, even though you did the exact same thing last week? Why does this happen? The simple answer to all of the above is, hormones. But these are not a female curse, and none of these symptoms have to exist. None. Best part? YOU can heal all of these things naturally. 

How does menstrual mapping help? By answering just a few questions we can map your cycle. This map looks like a calendar packed full of information to help your hormones become an asset, not a liability. This process asks you to participate mildly in the beginning, and then to just observe and stay connected to your body. The map will help empower you to make body-based decisions around your cycle and flourish in your life. 


- includes 30min call, menstrual map, and follow-up email questions

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