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11:11 Healing Breathwork

11/11 is a cosmically auspicious day. 11 is the "master number" connecting the ten bodies and magnifiying positivity. We can tap into this energy on this day to enhance our practices. Also, this is a great chance to ground yourself before entering the wild, vata holiday season. 

This Breathwork is an active meditation connecting you to your power, energy and spirit. It is a self-healing practice that facilitates strong releases of stuck energy. If you find yourself struggling with relationships, self-love, anger, attachment, shame, sadness, or feeling lost in this world, this breathing method can help. If you are working on manifesting something this breathing method can help. If you are working through something and feel like you’ve tried everything else this breathing method may be the key to unblocking. You will leave feeling lighter, softer, more open and connected to your own power.

The session will begin with a sacred circle, connecting the group and tapping into our collective energy. Breathwork in a safe, loving setting is an extremely potent experience. I will guide the group through the journey with love and intention, and great tunes. The group closes by relaxing and sharing. 

Advice: bring a yoga mat, bring an eye pillow, don't eat a heavy meal right before, don't drink alcohol before. 

No experience necessary.

Earlier Event: October 20
Breathwork Group (Sold out)