So many people think something is off, that their inner and outer worlds don’t match, or that certain challenges are eternally insurmountable. But that's simply not the case. A collection of experiences, attachments, ego, environmental stress, and illusions create conditions for emotions to get stuck in the body. These compounding energetic blocks obstruct the spirit from expression, from your pure essence to shine through. By creating a loving space for your spirit to come back to balance you overcome the habit of seeing yourself as limited, and embrace limitless experience.

                                                                              "We can not heal what we can not feel" - Bradshaw
To change, you have to change.
— Lauren Walker


Healing practices to facilitate the conditions for spirit alignment, and finding balance and harmony in your life. To let go of the parts of yourself that don’t serve, and learn to embrace the parts of yourself that you punish yourself for, so you can create a life that you love. 

1x1 Healing Consultation (2 Appointments): 

These customized sessions begin with a dive into your current experience. The first 90-minute session includes a dialogue, diagnostic tools, energetic analysis, and guided meditation. From this time together I will craft a customized guide incorporating suggestions related to breathwork, exercises, kriyas, bioenergetic therapy, pranayama, sound therapy, meditation, affirmations, mantras, mudras, healing tools, creative exercises, nutrition and diet, to be provided and reviewed at our second 45-minute follow up session. Sessions can be recorded for your reference, $250

1x1 Ongoing Healing Sessions:

The content of these sessions will be informed by the outcomes of the Consultation. The frequency of sessions will depend on exactly what you are working with or working through, and your immediate and long-term goals. Self-accountability measures are built into the process. Experience shows many programs begin with a three-month commitment, and then evaluate the progress. These sessions will be inclusive of the same methods we review in the consultation, plus access to new materials as appropriate, and access to me via text/phone during my office hours (Wednesdays 8am-12pm EST),  $150

Breathwork Sessions: 

This practice is an active meditation that connects you to your highest self by clearing out negative emotional patterns and their physical imprints in the body. It is a self-healing practice that facilitates strong releases of stuck energy. If you find yourself struggling with relationships, self-love, anger, pain, attachment, shame, sadness, or feeling lost in this world, this breathing method can help. If you are working on manifesting a desire this breathing method can help. If you are working through something and feel like you’ve tried everything else this breathing method may be the key to unblocking. This Pranayama gets your out of your head and deep into your body. You will leave feeling lighter, softer, more open and connected to your own power.

Individual sessions begin with a brief dialogue. From there you spend most of the time in the breathwork, followed by a deep relaxation often incorporating sound therapy, $150

Group Breathwork: 

Group breathwork facilitates the same movement of energy towards the same ends. The session starts with a sacred circle, connecting the group and tapping into our collective energy. Breathwork in a safe, loving group setting is extremely potent. Tapping into our collective energies supports and lifts the entire group. Various tools are used throughout the session to aid in the experience. I guide the group through the journey with love and intention, and great tunes. The session closes by relaxing and sharing, $50/pp

Check the events page for upcoming groups, or get in touch if you have a group interested in creating a custom experience.


Sat Nam. Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, is a technology for experiencing the infinite awareness and your Self. The Kundalini practice is deeply layered and consists of pranayama, kriyas, meditation, mantra and relaxation. Through these methods you will strengthen your cardiovascular system, neurological system, endocrine system, and musculoskeletal system, but most importantly your mind and spirit. The practice is a very personal, you must experiance it to know it, $150 

1x1 Yoga and Pilates:

Using the techniques of these methods private sessions can be tailored to meet your personal goals. My yoga teachings include; Kundalini, Energy Medicine and Hatha, as well as chakra therapy and bioenergetics. The ancient practices unify the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. A class combines asana postures for strength and flexibility, emphasizes inner awareness and pranayama (breathing techniques), and eases the mind towards the calm stillness of meditation. Pilates focuses on mobility, stability, strength, flexibility, core stability and balance, $150 


You’re ready to do the work to manifest changes in your life. You want to connect to your highest self, letting your deepest passions and dreams guide you to creating the life you desire. You’re willing to recognize your limits, fears, demons and illusions, overcome them and move towards infinite possibility.


No medical claims are made for the above mentioned practices, and they should not be used to replace the advice of a licensed medical practitioner. If you are experiencing serious health issues please contact a doctor.