So many people think something is off, that their inner and outer worlds don’t match, or that certain challenges are eternally insurmountable. But that's simply not the case. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU. A collection of cultural experiences, attachments, ego, environmental stress, and illusions create conditions for us to get stuck. These compounding energetic blocks obstruct the spirit from it's self expression and from allowing your pure essence from shining through. By creating a loving space for you to come back into balance you can overcome the habit of seeing yourself as limited, and embrace your limitless potential.


Spiritual Fitness is a method that incorporates various healing techniques resulting in a deeper connection to your body and your unique energy. It is a process that yields great balance, clarity, health and empowerment.


1x1 SPiritualLY FIT SESSIONS: 

These customized sessions begin with a dive into your current experience. The first 90-minute session includes a dialogue, diagnostic tools, energetic analysis, goal setting, and guided meditation. From this time together I will craft a customized program inclusive of dozens of mind-body-spirit practices to be provided and reviewed at our second 45-minute follow up session. Sessions can be recorded for your reference. Customized practice videos can be included.

  • Initial consultation — 2 Appointments, $245
  • Ongoing Sessions — The content of these sessions will be informed by the outcomes of the consultation. The frequency of sessions will depend on exactly what you are working with or working through, and your immediate and long-term goals, $124 
  • Remote sessions available; we can work together from anywhere, all you need is a quiet space and a computer. 


This practice is an active meditation that connects you to your highest self by clearing, empowering and cleansing. If you find yourself struggling with relationships, self-love, anger, pain, attachment, shame, sadness, or feeling unbalanced, this breathing method can help. If you are working on manifesting a desire, or feel stuck or indecisive, this breathing method can help. If you want to tap into more of your innate power, or if you simply need to cleanse yourself of any accumulated energy this breathing method can help. 

This active Pranayama gets your out of your head and deep into your body. Whatever you release during your experience will be gone forever. You will leave feeling lighter, softer, more open and connected to your own power. Individual sessions begin with a brief dialogue. From there you spend most of the time in the breathwork, followed by a deep relaxation. Breathwork is a great compliment to other healing or spiritual practices. There is no experience necessary, you just have to breathe and trust.

  • Investment — $124/per session
  • Remote sessions available; we can work together from anywhere, all you need is a quiet space and a computer. 

Client Love:

"I was able to manifest a couple of things that I have been working on. Class was FANTASTIC!  It opened up new pathways and I have been presented with new opportunities. I am very grateful." -AD
"...What happened next was completely unexpected: as I relaxed into the breath, old emotions came up but slowly gave way to this amazing feeling of empowerment. I left the room with sudden clarity on how I wanted to refocus my business and shift my life. That feeling of joy and strength stayed with me throughout the week. I would highly recommend Breathwork to anyone looking for a reminder of how amazing they truly are. Thank you, Briana, for creating that sacred space!" - LK


Group breathwork facilitates the same movement of energy towards the same ends. The session starts with a sacred circle, connecting the group and tapping into our collective energy. Breathwork in a safe, loving group setting is extremely potent. Various tools are used throughout the session to aid in the experience. The session closes by relaxing and briefly sharing.

  • Investment — $42/pp
  • Check the events page for upcoming groups, or get in touch if you have a group interested in creating a custom experience.

Client Love:

"My system is still recharging in a way but I can feel that the session moved a lot of things in a good direction. The experience was super intense and brought a lot of hidden emotions to the surface. I am super grateful I had the chance to be a part of this Breathwork group. Even if I was dealing with a lot of scary emotions and feelings, it felt needed and absolutely right. Ever since I feel lighter and more aware of what I need to deal with in my daily life." - LD
"I definitely felt the energy rise in my body, and it all happened so fast. It was incredible. Briana checked in with us and kept us focused, and afterwards, we each shared what we experienced, and Briana helped us to interpret what it might mean. I'm so glad I did this with Briana, and can't wait to do it again!" - AC

1x1 Kundalini:

Sat Nam. Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, is a technology for experiencing the infinite awareness of your Self. The Kundalini practice is deeply layered and consists of pranayama, kriyas, meditation, mantra and relaxation. Through these methods you will strengthen your cardiovascular system, neurological system, endocrine system, and musculoskeletal system, but most importantly your mind and spirit. The practice is a very personal, you must experience it to know it.

  • Investment — $154/per session


You are here for a purpose, and meant to align with that purpose. There is nothing wrong with you, you just need to remember that. You're ready to manifest changes in your life. You want to connect to your highest self, letting your deepest passions and dreams guide you to creating the life you desire. You’re willing to recognize your limits, fears, demons and illusions, and your ready to overcome them and move towards wholeness. 


No medical claims are made for the above mentioned practices, and they should not be used to replace the advice of a licensed medical practitioner. If you are experiencing serious health issues, please contact a doctor.