When to breath through the nose vs. mouth

Ujjayi....Victorious Breath....Powerful Breath....Darth Vader Breath 👃🏼 The most common pranayama used in yoga classes, it’s also a great practice for Vata season, it’s a warming, grounding breath. Ujjayi is used to increase prana and power in the body, it is not a releasing breath. To practice Ujjayi inhale through the nose with grace not force, receive...constrict the glottis at the back of the throat to create that fogging, oceany sound. Observe the length of your inhale. Pause. Exhale calmly through the nose with the same throat constriction. Length of inhale = exhale 🕒  Repeat a few rounds. How do you feel? Find this nose-breath when you need a couple minutes to center, slow, calm. 

Exhaling through the mouth allows for a powerful and efficient emptying of the lungs, it’s a releasing, clearing breath 💋  Breath out anything you don’t need to take into the rest of your day...free any energy that may have accumulated this week that doesn’t serve you. Yoga mouth-breathing, usually done through an “O” mouth or pursed lips, can stimulate different nerve points in the oral cavity and lungs. Different mouth-breathing techniques require different levels of tension in the lips, but try to keep the tongue relaxed 👅 Try a couple mouth-exhales....let out a big SIGH....make an “O” shape with your lips and forcefully exhale out 😲....purse your lips like you’re whistling and exhale...blow out a candle....play, explore, be curious. Find this breath when you need to release, let something out, let something go, when you feel too full and need to make space 👄