Heart DIS-EASE (Part 1)

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US among both men and women, and the leading cause of death in the world. There is a very important conversation around this in regard to exercise, nutrition, and an overall healthily lifestyle (FOR REAL). But let’s think for a moment about HEART DIS-EASE. I believe that stress (mental & physical) and anger (past & present) also contribute to heart dis-ease directly and indirectly. For instance stress might not cause immediately measurable cardiac consequences but can cause habits like smoking, drinking, poor diet, poor sleep, inactivity and other behaviors that effect heart health. Every single day I see tightness in the chest in my clients; chronic HOLDING in the upper-torso. I see people walking around carrying it every.single.day and can feel it with my bare hands (similarly you can be completely collapsed in this space) . It can feel like you can’t really exhale, or release, like your upper body feels STUCK. It takes physical self-awareness to detect this pattern in yourself. Close your eyes, drop into your body, take a deep breath and really feel if you can fully expand *and contract* your ribcage. Releasing this tension and strengthening the muscles in this region that are responsible for helping us breath is vital. There are literally dozens of ways to release, strengthen and soften in the thoracic area so please reach out if you want to know more. LESS HEART DIS-EASE 💔 >>> ❤️  MORE HEART EASE