Heart DIS-EASE (Part 2)

Still thinking about the relationship between heart health — stress/anger/grief — body patterns — tools...The kundalini yoga tradition believes that the 8th vertebra (1st thoracic) is the pranic center in the body, it is called praanic asan — seat of praana. If this point is under-stimulated or underdeveloped it shows up in our bodies. Luckily this is what kundalini does so well...many meditations, breathing exercises & kriyas target this exact spot (I also have an active hypothesis around the relationship between 8th vertebrae and jalandhar bandh...another day). Activating this area corresponds to a RELEASE further down the spine around the seventh rib resulting in a more open, deeper, and more developed breath (pranic energy, precision, regulation) and relaxed chest area, among other things. You may have experienced this without really understanding it??? This release, or softening of the ribcage, and strengthening of the body is what we need.