Where are you communicating from?

Kundalini technology gives us so many gifts. To receive these gifts though you have to participate, you have to practice, you have to experience. Once you commit to engaging in this process the treasures of the practice slowly start to reveal themselves to you. Slow is key, because the minute you think you’ve learned everything a particular set or meditation has to offer, you receive another little jewel 💎(#expansion)

One gift is learning where you’re communicating from. Different situations call for different methods of relating. For instance...you’re hurting and someone triggers you. You reflexively react and lash out from your fiery, hot third chakra, when really communicating from a more vulnerable fourth or second chakra might be more productive. Or someone is telling you about a tough work situation and you keep trying to hyper-rationalize, intellectualize everything via your analytical sixth chakra instead of listening from a place of compassion or feeling. Being able to move your energy from one chakra to another is a very useful SKILL. Kundalini gives us the tools to practice this energetic agility. We can then take our practice into the real world and be better communicators. We'll be practicing in classes all this month.